Umbrosa Eclipse | Both a sunshade and a work of art

Flexible and artistic, the Umbrosa Eclipse is a product of European ingenuity. The centerpiece of this unique design is the flexible arm and holder, which works much like a human arm, allowing the umbrella to be tilted and rotated in an almost infinite adjustment range. Mount to a wall or mount one to five umbrellas to a pole!




Both a sunshade and a work of art to adorn the most contemporary settings, the Eclipse sunshade sports a large, decorative, impressive ring of shade, guaranteeing a majestic sight from any angle. With its height adjustable pole, flat design and 360° rotation feature, the Eclipse’s artistic beauty provides the feeling of peace and tranquility while offering refreshing shade on a warm summer day.

The Umbrosa Eclipse sunshade is a design object, with all the functionality of a functionality of a sun umbrella. The large, elegant ring with its design shade sail offers a tempting, artistic spectacle and reviving shadow.


The rotation support is included, which makes the Eclipse 360° rotatable. It’s very easy to adjust the ring in height and the Eclipse canvas can simply be stored in a protective cover. The innovative and groundbreaking Eclipse is 360° rotatable. This shadow maker can be combined with a support for installation of the pole onto a solid surface (stone or concrete). Another possibility consists in fixing the pole by means of a concrete anchor on a soft surface. Finally, one can also obtain a tile base, which should be filled with tiles of 40 by 40 cm, and base-plates.

The Eclipse sunshade is both a decorative design object with a striking cosmic shape artily unique showpiece.


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