Tango Collection by Dedon – flowing curves & rhythmic herringbone weave

Tango Collection by Dedon is distinguished by its flowing curves and rhythmic herringbone weave.


TANGO is designed by Richard Frinier and has established itself as a Dedon classic, as dazzling and dynamic as its name implies.


From chairs and tables to sofas, chaise lounge and more, the Tango collection by Dedon maintains its unmistakeable look and appeal across a wide and versatile range of pieces. Perfect for Miami and its beaches or condo living.



Armchair: The curved back of the Tango Armchair by Dedon merges organically with its seat and armrests to create a dynamic, distinctive form that holds the body like an open embrace.

Its frame is Aluminum and finished with Electrostatic powder-coated in a color similar to that of the fiber

Design wise its characteristics are curvaceous, dynamic, organic, distinctive, sensuous, versatile

For frame maintenance a clean soft cloth and warm water can be used.

Cushion Maintenance is easy and all cushion covers can be removed and washed except those of man-made leather. The leather covers, can be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water.

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