Sifas Ec-Inoks Collection | Dining Armchair, Dining Table, Coffee Tables, Ottoman Lounge Chairs, Sunbathers Chaise

Ec-Inoks was inspired from initial concept to final realization by strict methods of conception and design, featuring recyclable materials with a low carbon footprint, optimal weight/performance ratio, and ecological monitoring of the production and distribution processes, and possibilities for clean and environmentally friendly disposal.


Sifas Ec-Inoks Collection consists of Dining Armchair, Dining Table of two sizes Coffee Tables, Ottoman Lounge Chairs, Sunbathers Chaise

The basic structure of the collection is made with 304 stainless all surface ferrous particles and ensures increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion, chemical agents and salt spray. The minor accessories (skids, arms) are mineral filled polyamide, 90% recycled.

The self-supporting canvas of the seats and backs are made of natural hemp fiber Batyline® Canatex, a material which absorbs atmospheric CO2, helping to reduce the greenhouse effect. The fiber surface has been especially treated against UV radiation and is fire-retardant. Hemp fiber is factory-recyclable.


All tabletops are of tempered 10mm recyclable glass, with anti-UV enamel. Tempering increases the shock resistance of the glass by a factor of 5; if broken, the glass crumbles harmlessly into 1-2 cm pieces.

Low on frivolity and high on functionality Sifas Ec-Inoks Collection is comfortable and stackable, with an optimal lifecycle, thanks to a low carbon footprint and recyclability.

Made from Electro-polished stainless steel the Sifas Ec-Inoks Collection although stainless steel has good resistance to corrosion, small spots of rust may appear over time. The protection from corrosion is due to the spontaneous, but slow development of a fine layer of iron oxide.


Along with Batyline Canatex, the Sifas Ec-Inoks Collection has woven fabrics made of polyester fibers (core) with a composite sheath partly made of hemp thread grown using sustainable farming techniques. Even though it is made of two different materials, Batyline Canatex is entirely recyclable thanks to the manufacturer’s Texyloop® process. The product is flexible, light, quick-drying, anti-fungal, UV-resistant, fire-resistant and comes in a wide range of colours.

The Sifas Ec-Inoks Collection is designed by  Éric Carrère, France. Eco-friendly and inoxidisable


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