Tuuci – Shade Plantation MAX Cantilever

Shade manufacturer TUUCI has announced that it will introduce the Plantation MAX Cantilever

Tuuci Plantation MAX Cantilever
The oversized parasol features TUUCI’s exclusive Aluma-TEAK finish combined with durable Armor-Wall Aluminum construction, yielding resistance to sea-side corrosion to maintain a long-grain hardwood finish. The Plantation MAX Cantilever will be available in a natural wood grain.

“We crafted the cantilever style to create a stable sail over an outdoor living space, blending with its natural surroundings without being obtrusive,” said Dougan Clarke, founder and CEO of TUUCI. “The Cantilever offers graceful and generously proportioned shade to any sun-drenched environment.”

Made with a patent-pending, 4:1 tandem-retrieving crank system, the Cantilever provides 144 square feet of shade. The classic canopy style is crowned with TUUCI’s polished Ocean-Sail finial.

“Despite its size and unique design, the Cantilever is very easy to operate,” Clarke said. “Its core strength and detailed construction allow it to easily close over tables and chairs.”

The Plantation MAX Cantilever features a solid, stainless steel-milled fulcrum and automatic telescoping oval-shaped mast with core strength supported by TUUCI’s patented independent bracket hub system and V-MAX Strut design.

TUUCI’s Ocean Master MAX Cantilever Classic Parasol from the Ocean Master MAX Cantilever Collection, designed and inspired from marine elements. The automatic telescope mast supports the shade parasol that provides 200 square feet of uninterrupted shade and ambiance. TUUCI blends style and function together with the MAX Cantilever Classic as it combines beautiful aesthetics with solid engineering features, like the tandem-retrieving crank system, for the ultimate shade experience. We really admire the product because it is a timeless piece that eludes sophistication and contemporary comfort. We believe the nautical look and easy to operate features makes it an ideal shade choice.

TUUCI is a leader in shade products furnishing cafés, hotels and resorts while also focusing on environmental sustainability. See more of TUUCI’s products in Florida by contacting us and or visiting our showroom in Miami to experience Dedon and our other patio furniture lines in Coral Gables, Miami.

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