Richard Frinier creates Sunbrella fabrics with recycled content

Origins Collection- Sunbrella Renaissance offerings

Sunbrella fabrics featuring recycled content continue to expand with the latest addition from internationally acclaimed home furnishings designer Richard Frinier. His newest creation for Sunbrella, “Origins,” takes advantage of the rich surface texture and mottled colorways that are making Sunbrella Renaissance fabrics increasingly popular with the design trade and consumers.

“We are living in a time when people are more interested than ever in reducing our carbon footprint,” Frinier said. “As a designer, it is important to design what comes next while also being mindful of what came before. Renaissance yarns provide a wonderful material for incorporating the lineage of the past of Sunbrella fabrics with the look and texture that is sought after today.”

The Sunbrella Renaissance family of recycled offerings made with post-industrial content began several years ago with braided rugs and has expanded into upholstery and awning fabrics.

Frinier’s Sunbrella Origins Collection is distinctive for its slightly fuller appearance and weight, which adds substance and serves to highlight the perfectly imperfect nature of this collection. The subtle textures and classic stripe patterns are designed to be mixed and matched across all constructions, patterns and colorways. Nine patterns are included in the Frinier Origins collection, which includes a diverse color palette as well:

• Sashiko is a Japanese word representing a sewing technique that evolved into decorative embroidery. The Sashiko contrasting thread line in this design serves as an accent stitch line against a rich, textural base cloth. Sashiko colors: Canvas, Hemp, Alpaca, Suede, Indigo.

• The name Quillo was derived from quillow quilting methods, which creates an easy companion to Sashiko. Quillo is a double cloth with a stitch grid pattern. Quillo colors: Canvas, Hemp, Alpaca, Suede, Indigo.

• Graphx draws inspiration from classic graph paper used by artists for concept sketching. Small squares equal in size create a softly textural and precise framework in design perfect for pairing with other base cloths, patterns and stripes. Graphx colors: Canvas, Hemp, Jute, Suede, Russet.

• Lintex finds it roots in linen textured fabrics, thus the hybrid name. The scale of Lintex construction shows how Renaissance yarns work together with Sunbrella virgin yarns to create a sumptuously and lightly textural weave. Lintex colors: Canvas, Flax, Hemp, Straw, Raffia, Denim, Granite, Earth, Suede.

• Playa Vista is Latin meaning beach or ocean view for which this coastal stripe, very reminiscent of colorful espadrille canvas cloth, is named. Playa Vista colors: Hemp, Alpaca, Straw, Raffia, Denim, Garnet, Granite.

• Sea Esta is a play on words for the designer’s desire to ask everyone to remember to take five-minute vacations throughout each day. This stylish stripe pattern whispers a hint of relaxing and restorative days spent by the sea. Sea Esta colors: Alpaca, Raffia, Sisal, Denim, Hemp, Granite, Sable.

• Burlin is a combination of the appearance of burlap and linen weaves offering the look of coarse canvas, jute, hemp or gunnysack only with the soft textural appearance of the Renaissance yarns. Burlin colors: Canvas, Flax, Jute, Hemp, Earth, Burlap, Denim, Granite.

• 2Tone plays on the beautiful surface texture of the Burlin construction with a classic stripe pattern produced by using a balance of high and low-contrasting colorways. 2Tone colors: Flax, Earth, Granite, Ebony.

• 3Peat is another example of the designer’s enduring passion for authentic stripe patterns. Broad and narrow stripes are banded and sized to exact scale, so you may focus on the rhythm of the smaller or larger repeating stripes in both high and low contrast yet harmonious color combinations. 3Peat colors: Earth, Burlap, Denim, Garnet, Granite.

For over 45 years, Sunbrella has been the leader in performance fabrics. No other resource is more committed to leading the performance fabric industry with innovations that fit today’s lifestyles. With enhanced quality, additional colors and sophisticated styles, the next generation of Sunbrella offers more possibilities than ever.

Internationally-acclaimed designer Richard Frinier has been creating award-winning indoor/outdoor furniture and textile designs for over 30 years, which are renowned for their authentic, relevant and memorable range of styling from soft modern and contemporary to transitional and traditional. His successful collaboration with Sunbrella began over 25 years ago leading them to create hundreds of fabrics specific for both interiors and exteriors from ultra luxe resorts to popular resort-at-home living spaces.

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