Sifas go beyond aesthetics, with efficiency and comfort


Sifas do not make distinction between outdoors patio furniture and indoors living furniture. Chaise Lounges, and outdoor dining set by Sifas go beyond aesthetics, with efficiency and comfort. Durable and functional ottomans and table are perfect in both interior and exterior parts of a home. Sifas include chaise lounge for the pool, dining Sets for the patio, ottomans for outdoor sitting areas and tables for dining on the terrace.

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    Sifas Furniture Evolving for 50 Years

    Sifas patio and outdoor living lines include Basket, Kalife, Pheniks, Riviera, Transatlantik, Inoks, Komfy, Kross, Kwadra, Oskar and Sakura for the home condominium or commercial use. Click on the Sifas catalog above to experience the Sifas lines catalog or alternatively come on by our Coral Gables Miami showroom to experience the Sifas collection.

    Sifas furniture has been evolving in this direction for 50 years, marking 50 years of a unique know-how that has emphatically put its stamp on the art of living on the Côte d’Azur, and is recognized around the world. These 50 years have witnessed the birth of outdoor furniture and its continued evolution toward greater functionality, comfort, and practical aesthetics, along with the recent incorporation of sustainable development, recycled materials, and the less is more philosophy inspired by Mies van der Rohe.

    Resulting in simplicity of use and maintenance of the furniture by clients and fulfilling the criterion for long-lasting aesthetic appearance.