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Ratana signifies elegance in timeless design and exceptional outdoor living with quality outdoor furniture. Ranging from traditional, to transitional, and contemporary, Ratana can cater any style and setting that truly enhances the enjoyment of home and casual living comforts of indoor living and outdoor experiences.

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    Ratana design integrity

    Ratana’s unparalleled dedication to design integrity, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, have firmly established Ratana as one of the most respected and trusted brands in outdoor living. Ratana is the only environmentally conscious brand that can blend beauty and comfort seamlessly, providing you with only memorable experiences that are truly timeless.

    Collections by Ratana Include

    Alassio, Auckland Bay, Bolano, Bondi Beach, Boston, Brisbane, Cape Town, Copacabana, Crystal River, Element 5.0, English Bay, Genval, Isola Island, Limo, Lucca, Lucia, Lynn Valley, Madison, Mezo, Nevada, New Miami Lakes, New Mirage, New Roma, New Roma (Sling), New Roma (Padded Sling), Nottingham, Orlando, Palm Harbor, Park Lane, Portfino, Princeville, Riviera, San Sebastian, Seville, St. Martin, Sun Valley, Tosca, Tuscany, Vilano, Weston, Whidbey Island, Woodside, Zuni, Zunix, Zurich, Firepits