Lou Lounge System by Dedon

With its wide range of modules, LOU Lounge System by DEDON can be configured for any outdoor setting, no matter how large. A curved module — DEDON’s very first — brings a special twist to the otherwise rectilinear design, allowing for bent, snaking or semi-circular arrangements include Lou Curved module a Lou Lounge chair. When viewed from behind, the curved modules create a landscape-like effect using left and right modules the curved backsides conveying a protective sense of enclosure. The LOU lounge system by Toan Nguyen represents both a return to DEDON’s roots and major step forward. Nguyen, a master of modular design, has created a collection that include a Lou Coffee table so casual, friendly and inviting that one almost fails to notice the architectonic rigor that underlies it. Combining traditional DEDON craftsmanship with innovations in cushions, weave and material mix, LOU takes outdoor furniture and lounging to a whole new level. 

The LOU Lounge collection was conceived from the ground up as a series of overlapping horizontal strata, with armrests defined by a subtle relief in the woven structure of the seat. Thanks to a semi-open weave and hidden gliders underneath the modules, the overall design gives an impression of extraordinary lightness, as if the collection consisted of a series of low floating blocks.

In addition to the modules themselves, LOU includes teak arm trays (which can replace or be combined with arm cushions), rich ceramic tabletops for the footstool modules, a coffee table with solid teak slats for the top, and a powder-coated stainless steel side table thats slides under and overlaps the modules. When all of these elements come together, the results is an outdoor modular system like none before it.

The LOU lounge system takes outdoor lounging gives an impression of extraordinary lightness and with the wide range of modules available, including a curved one for a special twist, it can be configured for any outdoor setting, however large or small in bent, snaking or circular arrangements for your garden, terrace and or pool.

The LOU lounge system uses foam materials for easy-care, weather-resistant and reversible cushions that are impressively thin yet remarkably comfortable, they can quickly be picked up and carried inside in case of a South Florida shower; during the off-season their compact size makes them a breeze to stack and store. Great care also went into LOU’s textile-like woven pattern, created from three different profiles of DEDON Fiber in three different shades of gray. This textile effect, together with the collection’s wide range of accessories—teak arm trays, a rich ceramic tabletop for the footstools, a solid teak top for coffee table, powder-coated stainless steel side tables—helps users to create sophisticated ‘total’ atmospheres for any outdoor living room.

Lou Lounge chair: With its extra-thin yet extremely comfortable reversible cushions, this contemporary lounge chair is the
perfect complement to the LOU modular lounge system.
Frame: Aluminum
Finishing: Electrostatic powder-coated in a color similar to that of the fiber
Characteristics: Contemporary, low-seating, convenient, comfortable, luxuriously woven
Frame Maintenance: Clean with a soft cloth and warm water.
Cushion Maintenance: All cushion covers can be removed and washed.

Perfect for settings large or small, with arrange of accessories wide enough to create a total atmosphere, LOU features a curved module that brings a special twist to the otherwise rectilinear design.

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