Easy tips for creating an outdoor living space

The Florida sun being the predominant force in town and the trend of bringing the indoors out for the fall is a trend Floridian’s are more than accustomed to.

This outdoor space gets style from Dedon’s outdoor line.


What many people struggle with is how to combine the comfort of indoor living and lounging with the weather constraints of outdoor living. Then there is the design and layout challenge of making the two spaces compliment and flow together wherein most people feel lost before they even start.


Here are some easy tips for creating an outdoor living space for your home.

Choose quality furniture that will last through the seasons and stand the elements.  View your patio furniture the same way you would your living room furniture.  Look for quality, strong frames, comfortable cushions, and clean lines that won’t clutter the eye.


Brown and Jordan have produced beautiful pieces since 1945 the Nomad II, collection is perfect for an impromptu garden or patio sitting an update of the popular 1977 classic folding chair. Nomad’s silhouette is synonymous with Miami indoor and outdoor leisure furniture. Its unique, durable, and versatility factor ensures its look of distinction and originality.

Design your outdoor space with your lifestyle in mind.  Love to cook?  Build an outdoor dining and kitchen space.  Need a place to relax?  Use loungers create inviting spaces to escape.


Entertaining in Miami?; then you can use several vignettes and lots of seats for your guests and should you to relax in in a Miami sunset setting then making a serene outdoor space then Dedon furniture line is perfect for a quiet moment.?


The ultimate hanging lounger, SWINGREST is one of the first products to emerge from Dedon

Use the outdoor space to dictate your design.  If you are blessed with views, don’t cover them up.  Show them off with the placement of the furniture.  If you live where trees canopy the yard, take advantage of that shade with a hammock or lounger and let nature provide your accent pieces. Similarly use the the trees to provide shade for your outdoor dining?


Learn more about Dedon, Janus et Cie, Brown Jordan along with Emu, Winston, Windham, Veneman, Lane Venture, Ebel, Gloster, Barlow Tyrie in Florida by contacting us and or visiting our showroom in Miami to experience these outdoor furniture lines in Coral Gables, Miami.

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