dedon- swingrest sneakpeak 2013

Here’s a sneak-peak at Dedon Swingrest available 2013

The Swingrest from Dedon has been designed to allow a bit of indulgence and do so with comfort galore. This outdoor seating option can either be used in a traditional fashion or you can hook it up as a fun swing.

This not only gives you a multitude of options, but it also makes for a great addition to your pool party or memorable evenings in the garden alone with the one you love. Designed by Daniel Pouzet, the shape and the contemporary style of the Swingrest makes it a perfect fit in most homes and surroundings, while its relaxed look gives you the feel of a perpetual vacation right at home.

The Swingrest also has the facility of an optional curtain, which guarantees privacy, while also offering those on the inside a view of what is happening outdoors. Whether it is next to the beach or on ideal white sandy beaches, this allows you to kick back luxuriously and swing though the party times…

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