Dedon – Fedro chair designed for outside seating

Dedon, the German outdoor furniture brand, has released the Fedro chair especially designed for outside seating.

A chair without legs, the Dedon Fedro beach chair instead balances on two narrow skids, allowing you to rock back and forth as you please, using your legs and feet to control your movement.

Conceived by the noted Milanese fashion, textile and accessories designer Lorenza Bozzoli, Fedro is designed to be lightweight, portable, stackable and comfortable.

The handle on the back makes the chair convenient and easy to carry,and it also doubles up as a comfortable cushion for the head. The Fedro is ideal for tanning by the pool, in the grass, on the beach or just about anywhere your guests wish to take it.

The Dedon chairs are available in a range of colour schemes, each inspired by tropical birds of Latin America including Flamingo (red and blue), Colibrí (blue and turquoise) and Quetzal (green).

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