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David Rockwell’s design for the exclusive, 1,055 square foot backstage lounge at the 86th Academy Awards is truly a winner. Rockwell Group was selected to design the contemporary Green Room by Architectural Digest’s Editor in Chief Margaret Russell.

Rockwell Group’s design references modern urban loft spaces to create a casual luxury with an eclectic, edgy mix of new and vintage furnishings, and raw and textured finishes. Light and technology create an open, airy and interactive environment.


A Samsung media wall comprised of 86 Samsung Android devices, including flat screen televisions, tablets and smart phones, create a mosaic wall. Oscar Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon and David Rockwell have co-curated images for the installation. A custom Android application allows for the video wall to display a choreographed digital art installation of a single image or a montage of images. The video wall transforms these familiar, everyday electronic devices into a spectacular digital platform that celebrates the 86-year-long history of the Oscars.


An oversize Oscar statuette welcomes stars to theArchitectural Digest Greenroom at the 86th annual Academy Awards. “[The greenroom is] nine steps from the main stage,” says Rockwell. “When you come in here, I would like it to feel like a bit of a retreat.”

The design was inspired by city loft spaces. “I love coming to L.A., but I thought it would be interesting to bring a bit of New York to the Oscars,” says Rockwell, whose firm is based in Manhattan. “This gave us a chance to bring urban simplicity, but married with film glamour.” The room includes several seating areas furnished with a sofa and sleek chairs and cocktail tables from Hudson Furniture. Bright pillows covered in fabrics by Jim Thompson add color to the subtle palette.

An elegant Fort Street Studios rug complements the pale tones of a herringbone wood floor by Exquisite Surfaces. “We thought of the color scheme of the room as you might think of a setting for a jewel,” says Rockwell. “Creating a really warm, neutral, rich palette would allow the stars and what they’re wearing to be the center of focus in the room.” Sarandon and Rockwell also curated a collection of framed images from classic screwball comedies, displayed on the right wall and illuminated by a stage light–inspired floor lamp from Circa Lighting.

800-brown-jordan-outdoor-furrniture-gray-teak-finish-Jim-Thompson-fabrics-01In the bar area, presenters and nominees can enjoy a cocktail while keeping tabs on what’s happening onstage. Rockwell balanced rustic materials with gleaming metallic accents that add a touch of Hollywood sparkle. The dramatic bar is topped with a slab of Caesarstone.

Rockwell transformed a loading dock into the room’s outdoor lounge: “I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if this residential, urban loft led to a little pocket garden?” Stylish Brown Jordan furniture topped with pillows in metallic fabrics by Jim Thompson give the “fantasy garden” an exotic feel; the graphic tiled floor is by Exquisite Surfaces.

Whether a presenter or performer, each person was escorted backstage at the Dolby Theatre to the exclusive Architectural Digest Greenroom, which was outfitted in select accessories and furniture including some from Brown Jordan.

The concept of the Greenroom was inspired by modern urban loft spaces to create a casual luxury with an eclectic, edgy mix of new and vintage furnishings.


“The backstage greenroom is like a prized jewel,” said Brian Grazer, who produced the 84th Oscars in 2012. “All you have in that room are people like Meryl Streep, Angelina (Jolie) and Brad (Pitt). Agents and managers are not allowed. You feel like you are at this very coveted moment in your life.”

This year’s Greenroom, which was located in a converted backstage space and loading dock behind the main stage of the Dolby Theatre, featured a design from David Rockwell, who designed the Oscar sets for the 2009 and 2010 Academy Awards. “This is a hyper experience for everyone experiencing it,” Rockwell said. “I try to make it like the early days of the Academy Awards, when it was like a big party. The key is to enjoy the moment.”

At the Greenroom’s entryway was a life-sized Oscar statuette leading into an indoor lounge. The Rockwell Group also transformed a loading dock adjacent to the lounge into a lush, 340-sq.-ft. covered fantasy garden with floor and hanging planters. An elegant touch included a canopy of lights suspended from the ceiling. Walls were extended with birch waddle panels around the entire perimeter. The ground was covered in black and white mod concrete floor tiles by Exquisite Surfaces. Brown Jordan outdoor furniture with a gray teak finish was upholstered in Jim Thompson fabrics.

800-brown-jordan-outdoor-furrniture-gray-teak-finish-Jim-Thompson-fabrics-04Pitching in with the design effort was actress Susan Sarandon, who had input on how to make the room relaxed and what furniture to include since many of the celebrities visiting the area would be in cumbersome gowns.

Founded in 1984 by David Rockwell, and based in downtown New York with satellite offices in Madrid and Shanghai, the firm specializes in a wide array of project types, from hospitality, cultural and healthcare, to educational, product, and set design.

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